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How it all started?

Well, stay awhile and listen. After a couple of months of specialized training in Orlando FL and then the years of working in this industry in Minnesota for multiple companies I wanted to channel that expertise and passion for helping others into a cost efficient, low overhead, convenient service to get you back up running:) Think Uber, but for phone repairs.

Why we do it?

Make money doing something we actually like to do? Count me in.

Work that doesn't feel like work is the best kind. Now who's the real unicorn huh?Y

How its done?


By you "accidentally" I hope, cracking your phone screen.

Then you click book now on Flip N Screens site while telling us what phone when and where.

Next we show up, fix half of your life in roughly an hr, taking labor payment ONLY after the repair complete and checked.

Painless, convenient and SIMPLE, as all things things should be. Oh wait, ..never mind. 


Fun and Important stuff in FAQ format.




60 day parts and labor. EX. Touch stops working. If you break your phone again however that is not covered.

Same day repairs?


We offer same day repairs on all the phones we keep parts on hand for. Some repairs such as all of Samsung at this moment require a deposit and up to 4 shipping/business days. 

How come Samsung and Iphone xr etc are not same day?

As a startup holding on to all the different variations of those devices is stupidly expensive and would quickly cash strap us and a cash strapped business will no longer be doing business after awhile. With that said, as soon as it it viable for us to do so we will offer same day repairs for those also.

Discounts and deals?

We constantly try to keep prices low while keeping part quality high so in most cases Flip N Screens is already your best bet as we come to you for the same price or lower that you would have to go to a brick & mortar location.

Cancel or Reschedule policy?

At this time there is no charge for cancel / reschedule however we do ask that you let us know a min of 2 hours before so we don't show up at your door step for no reason.

What if the tech is late or you are running just a little behind?

When you book with us you are booking an entire hour and since we typically only do screen and battery replacements that usually take 25 - 45 mins its not a huge issue.

Not to say your time isn't important to us, it is. If we are 30 mins into your hour and run the risk of over staying by more than 15 min. Then I would say some kind of agreed upon compensation would be in order.